5 Things You Can Do With Pigeon Nesting Under Solar Panels

We all know one thing about birds, i.e. they poop. There’s no way to avoid it.

It is not a big problem in everyday life, but it can confuse solar panels. One or two passing birds will not damage the photovoltaic system in the long run, but the pigeon nesting under solar panels can.

Because of this, you should not leave the bird in the house’s solar system accommodation, but take the nest to another place.  Unfortunately, this is easier than words.

After all, solar panels create a pleasant shaded area that is protected from the elements and provide convenient beams and support for birds to nest. Not surprisingly, you like photovoltaic systems so much.

To prevent birds from nesting on solar panels or to prevent them from happening under the road, there are some things to learn about the process to consider as you go:

Solar pigeon correction panels:

Do you want to stop pigeon nesting under solar panels? Here are some useful steps you can try to convince him to go somewhere else:

  1. Configure Bird Mesh

Bird mesh is one of the most effective bird protection options for domestic solar systems. Designed to seal the area under the solar panel, a new mesh clip connects directly to the panel, moving along the edge of the entire matrix.

Technically the panels are not “sealed” in the home, but the air can still pass through them. It is difficult for birds to nest under the panels. If you are looking for a more profitable option, the bird net also performs the same function, with a slight decrease in resistance to the elements.

Whichever option you choose, bird nets are low, attractive and have little impact on both panels and ceilings.

  1. Ceiling tip installation

The beaks are not the most attractive option to stop the birds, but they are incredible. The beaks make it uncomfortable to sit in or around the solar panel so that the bird does not stay long enough to create a nest or a great disaster.

They are not incredibly useful by themselves, but they can be combined with roof networks or similar tactics to keep the roof without a net and keep solar panels clean.

  1. Invest in plastic predators

The feeding of plastic seaweed seems old fashioned, but the work ends. Investing in a fake owl with a rotating head in the wind can make your birds move as convincingly and regularly as possible. It is a great pigeon protector for solar panels.

Also, advanced automatic bird feeding, which can be installed on the roof, will surprise pigeons and other birds. Again, combine this approach with bird nets and other tactics to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach.

  1. Keep your patio and garden clean

Birds need something to eat, and if you make the area around your home un-liveable, you can encourage them to go elsewhere. To do this, keep the yard and garden clean and make sure there is no food in the house.

If you have a flat roof, you will have to consider it especially as it becomes a virtual Mecca for birds. If you have a trash can near your home, keep it in a tightly closed lid or plastic bag. Clean your pet’s food around your home and keep what the birds want to eat in a dumpster.

  1. Maintenance of domestic solar panels

Maintaining the solar panel system is essential and keeping your PV array in good condition is much less sensitive to bird or faeces nests. Regular cleaning of the panels, repair of cracks or assembly problems and the reception of professional services are essential to ensure long-term operation.

Pigeon Calibration Solar Panel:

Essential maintenance steps

The pigeons that calibrate the solar panels are an essential part of keeping them clean and safe for years to come. Follow the advice in this post to keep your work order well. If you need more help, you can always contact our team.