Guidelines For Office Space Planning

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There are number of variables in the workspace design and office space planning that needs to be considered. These play a crucial role in the organization of your office. Office space is not just one space but it is the combination of all the pieces fit together and not only placed but also make it work. In order to help you in this, there are guidelines for the office space planning in sydney cbd and some of these are given below:


Office space planning has so much to do with the number of the people you accommodate and there needs to be space for every employee, including the part time and full time as well as contractors so ensure the capacity is enough for each of the employee.

Space available:

Office space planning as the name represent is actually the planning for the space available in the office in the best possible way. Making sure that the total space is good enough to fit the employee in a good way and if there is expansion planned then there is space for that as well.


This usually includes the seating plan, you should have seats allocated and placed even when there is no employee seating on it currently, then you should mark the seats with the employee’s names so that you are aware that who is seating where, how many seats are occupied and how many are free so that you get the idea of the space left.


This depends on the type of the business that you are conducting in the commercial fit outs and therefore, the demands for the interactive rooms, the conference rooms, quite rooms, group meeting rooms are needed or not and if needed then how many of these are required and at which place in the total office space is one of the elements of the office space planning.


Employees will not only be seating on the desks and their allocated spaces but they need to move around, come in and out of the office so the office space planning also need to think about the flow spaces and also about the machines places that what are the best places for these so that these are readily accessible to each employee.


Culture is what makes the engagement and interaction the employees within the company. Every company has its own. Some companies prefer collaborative environment where people are talking and sharing ideas continuously, whereas other work environment may require employees to focus on their own work so based on that the office space planning must be modified.


The reason why most of the offices are not well designed is that most of the employers do not consider the investments on the office space planning and the office design, but it should be given the considerable budget every year to get the benefits and increase the productivity of the company employees.