Hiring A Gif Booth Is A Trend Now

Nowadays no event can be said complete without a photo booth. Photo booths are now the nucleus of the event. As all the guests will at least visit the photo booth once for their photos. The Other advantage of photobooths Melbourne is that all the guests can have their photos with the same theme that will work as a reminder of the event. The photos at the photo booth can be taken by a professional photographer or people can use their mobiles/ cameras for the same. The photos taken on photo booths can work as a guestbook for the host of the event and they can easily have the snap of all the guests attending the event. 

Now with easy availability of the internet and mobile devices, the Gif booth is also getting very popular. The gif booth is said to be a more interactive medium for guests as they can also take their motion pictures as many times they want and get a copy on their phone. The gif booth mostly consists of a mobile device like an iPad and the space covered by the gif booth is around 3 x 3 square feet. Bigger space can also be utilized like 4 x 6 square feet for group photos. Sometime the attendant will be available at the booth who will assist the guest to take their photo or the guest can also use the device on their own. The guest can take different photos in a short time and the plus point is that they can choose the phots which they want to keep, rest can be deleted. The guest can send these photos on their mobile devices or email at the instant, as the iPad will be connected to the internet. Even if the internet is not available, guests can enlist their details so that these photos can be sent to them later on. The gif is the trending in event photography nowadays as it is different from conventional photography and guest can record their expressions in the photo.

This is also very enjoyable and interactive for the guest, as they will be able to make gifs as per their liking. With the instant share of the gif on their mobile devices, they can share these gifs on social media simultaneously. This helps to create a vibe about the events on social media and people will start getting feedback during attending the event. This is nowadays a fun activity of any event and people will never want to miss gif booths at the event. 

Gif booths can be created by yourself but it is recommended to hire a gif booth. Because booth providers have a more innovative booth and they have more advanced equipment. Also, they can provide attendants along with their booths, so don’t have to hire any extra help. Booth providers can also help you to reciprocate the exact theme of gif booths that you have in your mind and that will suit your event.