Various Uses Of Large Notice Boards

Large notice boards are very common these days. This is because they are very useful. They are often used outdoors. This makes them very popular with retail store owners. Retail shops often used large notice boards for displaying the prices of different items. They are also used for displaying the rates of different grocery items. This is because they are very cheap to use. They can be washed and reused. This makes them very useful for advertising purposes. They can also be used for advertising and publicity purposes. Many shops use them to attract customers. They are also used at different outdoor games too. They can be used to display the scores of each team. This can be very useful for the spectators. Spectators love learning the current score by looking at the large notice boards. Notice boards come in many different sizes. The usual size is four by ten feet. Other sizes are available too. The size of the noticeboard depends on any different things. The most important thing is the purpose of the notice board. 

Size of the board:

In most cases, small notice boards are adequate for the job. However, large notice board are needed in some cases. Many schools use notice boards in order to inform students. Most of the notice boards used at schools are of a very large size. This makes them more visible. The larger a notice board is, the more visible it will be. This is why most teachers prefer to use large notice boards. Small sized notice boards are rarely used at schools. This is because they are practically useless. They do not serve any purpose at schools. This is why most teachers exclusively use large sized notice boards.

Use at schools:

As mentioned above, notice boards are a common feature at schools. This is especially the case with large sized notice boards. The notice boards used at schools are usually made of cardboard. The cardboard is covered with a cloth. The cloth makes up the outer surface of the cardboard. Noticed are displayed in the board with the help of pins. Difficult kinds of pins can be used for this purpose. However, thumb pins are, by far, the most commonly used pins on notice boards. This is because is it very easy to stick a thumb pin into a notice board.

There are other uses of large sized notice boards too. The area of a better notice board is calculated by multiplying its height with its width. This gives the area of the notice board in square feet. A notice board is said to be large if its area is over ten square feet. Notice boards with area less than ten square feet are not useful at schools.