Why Throwing Fairy Is Parties A Great Idea

When you are planning a party for your daughter, you obviously don’t want it to be basic. If you are looking for an easy way out then we recommend you to throw a fairy party Wollongong for your daughter because most of these kids have seen princess’s movies and know how to go about it. Let’s give you a few basic tips that you should follow when planning a fairytale theme birthday party. 

  1. Decorations

First thing first, when you are planning a themed birthday party, you need to ensure that you have the right kind of décor items with you. For planning a fairy party, you need to make sure that the whole venue is set up as a castle. What you can do is that you can put up helmets, hanging shields, swords, crown, and other such relevant things hanged in different places. You can also set up a huge mirror in the center of the main stage and also set up an extra ordinary entrance too.

  1. Invitation

The next thing to take into account when planning a fairytale themed birthday party is to how to go about with the invitation ideas. Well, you can keep the invitation cards basic or can even go extraordinary with it but make sure you are mentioning the following details on it;

  • The details of the party theme so that they are aware of how to dress up 
  • Complete address of the venue and clear directions to reach there
  • Contact number and probably email address too if need arises to contact the hosts
  • If any photo booth is set up, make sure it is already informed to the guests too
  1. Activities

Now moving on towards the fun part of the party is that you should properly plan what games and activities you are going to offer to children so that they are kept entertained. If you feel you are not good at keeping kids entertained and do not have budget issues too then you can always opt for hiring a children’s entertainer. In fact, hiring such an entertainer gives you a peace of mind from a lot of things; whether it is about ensuring safety of the children or keeping them entertained throughout the event, everything goes smoothly.

  1. Food

Lastly, what you need is to ensure is that the food you offer is children friendly. If you are very much into the theme then you can have a cake prepared of the fairy tale theme too. Besides that keeping items that kids love to eat is a must otherwise the children won’t eat anything if the food is not kid friendly.